Tuesday, May 5, 2009

We are Preapproved and Britney Spears!

Weird title for my post huh?!?!

We got the news yesterday that we are preapproved for a home loan. And as expected it's for more than we are looking to spend. Joe and I are so excited that we are going to soon be homeowners! We are headed out tomorrow with the realtor to look at our first ten houses. I am excited to see what it's like.

My sister and her fiance are also searching for a home. We are identical twins and have been pretty side by side on major life events. So I shouldn't be surprised they are also looking for a place. They went out last night and found two homes they would buy. So now they are going to have to pick which one is their favorite!

Thursday was the Britney Spears concert that Joe bought me two tickets for as my Christmas present. Torie, my college roommate come in from New Hampshire and went with me. It was a blast. We barely sat down the entire time and my feet hurt so much afterwards from all the dancing we did. We had an awesome time. Britney didn't say or do anything crazy but she sure did dance her butt off. The show was really like a circus just without any animals. She had all kinds of circus acts which made it all that much more fun.

I will edit this post later and add in a few pictures but I can't now since I am at work.

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