Thursday, May 14, 2009

Life is BUSY!

Things have been so busy these last two weeks! Joe and I have barely been home on the weeknights. I am sad to not have any new recipes to post but honestly we haven't even been at home for meals lately. So you might be wondering what is keeping us so busy. . . Here was what went on the last two weeks

Monday - College roommate in town for the night so we went out
Tuesday - Softball league
Wednesday - walked through 7 potential houses
Thursday - Bowling league
Friday - FINALLY a night at home
Saturday - Out with friends
Sunday - Visit Grandma for Mother's Day
Monday - Nothing to do!!!! Actually went to the gym
Tuesday - Softball
Wednesday - looked at more houses

And finally tonight we are going right after work to check out a house and then rushing over to bowling. So why are we trying to fit in seeing this house tonight? Our realtor thinks it won't be on the market long. Here's the story. . . Yesterday Joe got on our listings website and saw a house that just went on the market that day. There were no pictures of the place posted but the details of the place sounded nice. He called the realtor to see if he could try and add it to the list of places to see that night. So last night we didn't get to do a walk through because the seller couldn't make it home to get their dog out of the house for us. So we decided to drive by it and at least check out the place. We followed our realtor over and as we approached I was wondering where the house was. Well it was right in front of me and it is gorgeous!!! It has so much potential for me to totally fall in love with it. So our realtor called us and said we had to get a walk thru ASAP because he is convinced this house will not be on the market long. He didn't want to even wait till next week to go see it. So tonight we are headed out there to walk through and see how it goes. If the inside is as nice as the outside we may find our favorite house tonight! I will definitely keep everyone updated!

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