Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Talk about not being good at blogging!

I am horrible. I seriously don't know why I am so bad at blogging this past summer. It was not like this with my old blog. I used to update all the time. Does this mean I am just too busy with work and the house to blog?!?! I think I need to make a pact with myself to make sure to update on a regular basis. It just seemed like such a crazy summer. But no more excuses!! I am just going to do better with this!

My sister's wedding in August went wonderfully! It was a lot of fun and they were both just so happy. I thought it was one of the best moments to get to watch my best friend and twin sister get married. Not everyone may know this but I am not a crier! Even my closest friends have only seen me cry a few times and those times were during highly emotional situations (ie death in the family). Well I definitely cried at the wedding. I knew I had to make the Matron of Honor speech but I wasn't totally sure how I would react to it so I wrote the whole thing down. And that turned out to be the best decision. I got through the first two sentences and then totally lost it. It wasn't just a few tears running down my face, no I really cried. Joe had to come over and sit in my chair and let me sit in his lap so I could make it through the rest of my speech. All I can say is I had a moment! But now my parent's can finally relax and get life back to normal because all three of us are married and weddings are over! Of course now mom can't wait to have a grandkid. . . She might be waiting a bit longer!

This past weekend I went to Chicago for a college roommate reunion. Four of us lived together for several years, Dianna, Torie, Sandi and myself! The driving factor behind us all getting together was so we could help Sandi with a few wedding details like picking out bridesmaid dresses. It was a great weekend. We haven't all been together at the same time since last October so it was wonderful to all be in the same place. Of course we had several late nights out and daytime shopping trips. We even threw a small bachelorette party for Sandi since we all live in various states across the country and won't have the chance to throw one closer to the wedding. It was a blast! However I am exhausted for the weekend and trying to catch back up this week.

Fall softball starts tonight! I am very excited because it's been several weeks since we had any intramural sports going on. Joe and I miss that!

And. . . It's football season!!!! It's my favorite time of year. Granted it means winter is right around the corner but I will learn to live with that. Fantasy football starts this week!

I leave you now with a few pictures of the wedding and the wonderful Chicago trip!


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